New Online Questionnaire for ISCE

We were very pleased to be asked by ISCE, the Institute of Sound & Communications Engineers to produce a new online questionnaire on their behalf recently. 

ISCE polls members on BS 6259

The Institute of Sound & Communications Engineer has this week polled its members on the use of British Standard BS6259 : 2015 Code of Practice for the design, planning, installation, testing and maintenance of sound systems.

Customer Satisfaction Survey for Perfect Octave

We recently implemented a customer satisfaction survey for Perfect Octave, which is hosted and available for customers of Perfect Octave to complete online 24/7. Ian Graham, Managing Director for Perfect Octave contacted us as they wanted to[...]

What are customers saying about your company?

This week one of our Hubspot customers provided us with a review of our services. Aside from feeling particularly humbled by this client feedback, it led us to wonder how many companies invite feedback regularly from customers and how many invite[...]

How valuable are Surveys and what are the best survey tools?

Surveys help you gather focused insights from masses of people, whether those people are customers, employees, or an entire market. When you ask a question or opinion of one person, it’s hard to trust them, right? Ask a large group, though, and the[...]